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H.R. International UAE is a sister company of H.R. International New Delhi, India. In order to expand our business abroad, we started HR International UAE Company which is known to be one of the leading outsourcing, headhunting and executive search company in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. To facilitate our UAE-based business operations as well as other services in the GCC and Middle-East, Europe, UK, Ireland, US, etc., particularly in the area of international headhunting, executive search, and outsourcing, HR International UAE is your one stop solution for all your recruitment needs.


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Overseas Recruitment Services
H.R. International, UAE, was founded in 2016 in Dubai, to connect UAE individuals with international job openings
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Local Recruitment Services
We are a leading manpower recruitment agency serving UAE with its exclusive local & global recruitment services
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Visa Processing Service
Visa Processing Service
Since the founding of our Overseas Recruitment Company in 2005 with the sole objective of providing value-added visa services
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Business Setup  Service
Business Setup Service
Founded in 2016, the executive search firm H.R. International UAE is situated in Dubai. It is a sister company of HR International
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Overseas Education
You a huge selection of top-notch educational institutions throughout the globe as well as excellent prospects for a professional career.
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Executive Search
HR International is well renowned for providing the white collar industry with their knowledge and skilled personnel.
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Why H.R. International, UAE, in Dubai?

  • We have 19+ years of experience in recruitment, headhunting, outsourcing & executive search since 2016.
  • Serving 2000+ top happy clients in India, middle-east, Europe & other countries & have 100 % client satisfaction rate.
  • We have our offices globally and have more than 1000 + employee strength & provide guaranteed & timely services to both clients & candidates.
  • We have deployed 100,000+ candidates & secured their future with our expertise.
  • Our parent company, H.R. International is approved by the ministry of external affairs, government of India with a registration license no. B-0377/del/per/1000+/5/8398/2009
  • H.R International UAE, is immersed in top-notch technologies including cloud-based recruitment system, candidate database, and social media connectivity, job portals that enable our agents to quickly respond toward urgent requirements and offer best staffing solutions despite their whereabouts.
  • Excellent performance in timely delivery of qualified services in searching, identifying and deploying valuable candidates.

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Your Job Search made easy with HR International

Blue Collar

HR International is very well known to serve blue collar industry with their expertise and experienced staff. With our vast database, we proffer jobs in fields like mason, carpenter, plumber, electrician, painter etc and help achieve dreams of many candidates who are waiting to settle down overseas. The company offers their clients with well qualified and enabled work forces and is also proved to be the best in executive search, recruitment and outsourcing.

We have a thorough awareness of the blue collar employment market because of our industry expertise, local approach to international recruitment and market knowledge. We can offer yo insightful information and suggestions on this sector, assisting you in making decisions regarding your career.

For job seekers, looking for blue collar positions globally, our platform offers a distinctive strategy. We collaborate closely with our global networks to offer candidates countless options to get in touch with businesses across the globe.

So, join our platform and let us help you advance in your career so don’t miss out on your dream jobs. You will have new opportunities in the international job market thanks to our cutting-edge methodology and extensive network across the globe.

White Collar

HR International is well renowned for providing the white collar industry with their knowledge and skilled personnel. With the help of our extensive database, we provide positions in trades like mason, carpenter, plumber, electrician, and painter, among others, and assist many individuals who are waiting to settle abroad in realizing their aspirations. The business provides competent and equipped labor to its clients and has established itself as a leader in executive search, hiring, and outsourcing.

While it may be challenging to hunt for a blue collar employment, our platform offers a more shrewd approach. Based on your skills and qualifications, our knowledgeable recruiters can help you find the right opportunity. Our team of professionals have years of industry experience and are committed to helping international clients with their recruitment needs.

We have a thorough awareness of the blue collar employment market because of our industry expertise, local approach to international recruitment, and market knowledge. We can offer you insightful information and suggestions on the sector, assisting you in making decisions regarding your career. We offer support from the interview stage all the way up to your start date, regardless of your job position.

Health Care

H.R. International is a well-recognised name in the healthcare sector and has gained superior enterprise in identifying the right candidate for this industry. We are approved Agency for the recruitment of Health care professional, such as consultant, Specialist, Resident, & G.P, along with other professional Nursing (B.Sc) & Paramedical staff for the Govt. Hospitals throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia under the aegis of the MOH (Ministry of Health), Govt. of Saudi Arabia.

We have provided employment assistance to sufficient numbers of candidates in the healthcare industry and are considered as one of the most preferred service providers across the Middle East countries, especially for the senior level Medical Professionals. We have achieved a global reputation for our standard employment assistance in the medical and healthcare domain, since, all the requirements placed by the end of our respectable overseas clients are addressed promptly and professionally.

Canada Healthcare Program

The completion of nursing and healthcare education can lead to promising professionals in Canada. This approach makes sure that students can continue to fulfil their aspirations of studying abroad throughout the Covid-19 pandemic’s unpredictable conditions. The Canadian government is making it simpler for these specialists to settle down permanently in Canada as its provinces work to hire and keep more of them to help with shortages. At a time when the senior population of the country most requires access to family physicians, doctors from all over the world who choose to work in Canada are essential to making that happen.

Perks of being a healthcare worker in Canada:
  • Bring your family members to work or study while you are working in Canada.
  • PR status approval after one year of experience.
  • Stable employment in the most in-demand industry- Canadian Healthcare Industry.
Enrollment for the PCCC care giver Training.
  • Course completion, care giver license and interview preparation.
  • Application submission for work permit and permanent residency to Canada.
  • Move to Canada with work permit.
  • Gain eligibility for permanent residency by gaining work experience in Canada for a minimum of one year.
  • Continue to live in Canada on a permanent residency status.

Hungary Investment Program

Hungary is a developed nation in Central Europe that is a member to the Schengen Agreement and a member of the EU. When compared to other European nations, Hungary also offers a sophisticated, first-class way of life, a thriving economy, and a very low cost of living.

At HR International UAE, we proffer Hungary investment &residency programme that can help you and your loved ones to settle in the beautiful European Country.

In addition to having the most affordable fee structure on the market, HR International UAE is the only company helping clients with the Hungarian residency & investment programme with years of experience in business immigration and residency services in Hungary. As a result, we are able to provide our clients and their families with VIP assistance and expert consultation throughout the process.

Since successful applicants are granted visa-free entry to the EU, many foreign businesses are drawn to residence & investment programmes in Eastern and Central Europe. This well-known programme in Hungary gives foreign business people the chance to settle there if they make an investment in real estate or open a company.

Settle in Europe

H.R. International UAE, is a sister company of HR International, India situated in Dubai. To expediate our UAE based business operations as well as streamline services in the Middle East, Europe, UK, Ireland etc. in the area of global recruitment, executive search or head hunting, foreign education, company setup, the company is well known for its excellent services. This company falls under the umbrella of HR Group of Companies, a committed business conglomerate that has established itself as the global leader in a variety of business sectors. We have successfully deployed 100,000+ white & blue collar candidates for Middle East & Europe and helped settle millions of happy families. After seven years in business, HR International UAE is still dedicated to providing the simplest visa application processes while also providing help, assurance, and updates to individuals looking to immigrate to Europe and Canada. We have a fantastic success rate in assisting our clients in realizing their dream of dwelling and working in Europe and Canada. In addition to chefs and engineers, we provide our services to applicants and clients from a variety of industries, such as administration of corporate operations or specialized services to the sector.
We are one of the leaders on the European labor market and have 7 years of experience on the EU market. Our office is located locally, so we are always close to employees and candidates. Among the many offers, you will find a position that matches your expectations, matches your skills and education.


We mainly cater to countries such as the UK, Poland, Lithuania, Canada and other countries and offer our services to candidates as well as clients. Are you looking for a job? Or want to move to the EU? You have come to the right place, we have an excellent opportunity for you!

  • As a recruitment, outsourcing and manpower company, we cater to the following industries:
  • Factory Workers
  • Logistics
  • Trailer Drivers
  • Healthcare
  • Retail Setup
  • Immigration

Global Executive Search

H.R. International is one of the leading executive search multinational company , and they are all committed to providing the best management recruitment & outsourcing services. We have a track record of successfully finishing every job for every one of our clients, from major multinational enterprises to minor companies. Globally progressive businesses are always looking for talent. The most efficient and convenient method of locating and placing the ideal people for management positions in the Middle East is through executive recruitment services offered by H.R. International. We form strong relationships with our clients so that we can comprehend their corporate cultures and demands and, through a careful selection and assessment process, bring them effective matches.

In all business sectors and functions, our database has the profiles of more than ten thousand individuals. This is just one of the numerous tools we use to find the greatest talent in the area. Our personnel in Dubai and Qatar have received thorough training to competently meet the needs of our clients. We distinguish ourselves as one of the most respected recruitment companies in the Middle East thanks to our worldwide recruitment strategy, our technology solutions, and interpersonal networking.

We were able to position hundreds of senior management professionals successfully over the previous few years. The growing number of happy customers we have is proof of our dedication and professionalism. We have always been able to offer unmatched levels of service thanks to our exceptional workforce and premium recruitment.

Internally, H.R. International's business operations, structure, and workflow are all planned and optimised to provide utmost focus on the goals and priorities of the clients. It makes sense why so many respectable organisations in the GCC, Europe, and Asia continue to choose H.R. International as their top provider.


H.R International is one of the leading executive search companies, united in their commitment to provide the highest possible standards in management recruitment services.

Our clients range from large multinationals to middle market companies, and we have a track record of all the assignments completed successfully for our clients. Over the past few years, we managed to successfully place hundreds of senior management professionals. The growing number of our satisfied clients is a testimony of our professionalism and commitment. Our distinguished team and premium recruitment have always helped us provide unparalleled levels of service.

Progressive organizations around the world are in constant search for talent. Executive Recruitment provided by H.R. International is the most effective and easiest way to find and place the perfect candidates for management jobs in the Middle East. We establish solid partnerships with our clients so as to understand their corporate cultures and needs and provide them with successful matches through a meticulous selection & assessment process.

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HR International entered the European market in the year 2015 and successfully established its office in Poland.


HR International entered the Asian market in the year 2005 and we have our head office in New Delhi and branch offices in Mumbai, Cochin and Nepal.

Middle East

HR International entered the Middle Eastern market in the year 2016 and successfully established its offices in Dubai, Riyadh, Dammam & Kuwait.

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H.R. international brought happiness, satisfaction and relevant success to many of our clients through our extraordinary work culture and amazing team of dedicated employees. We are not saying this, our client penned it down in this section.

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Al-gihaz Holding ABB Ltd Absar Safari Co Ltd Abyat Ahmad Albinali Holding co Abdullah H. Al Mutawa Sons co Al Bawani Co. ltd. Albaz Industrial Company Ltd. Al jabber trading & contracting co Al Bayan Holding Group Al Busaili Co. Al Makhaled Trading & Construction co. Al Mashriq Co. Ltd. Al Alamiah technical corporation Al- Oasis Inabensa co ltd. Al Othman industrial marketing co AL Qussie International Co. Afras Hatco General Contractors
Al Sharif Group Alwi Tunsi Almeer Saudi Technical Services co. Technical Development Company Al Ayuni Anel Ksa Abdul Rahman Saad Al-Rashid & Sons Company Abdul Rahman Saad Al-Rashid & Sons Company Abdullah M. Ababtain Group Azzam Trading & Contracting co.ltd Bin Omairah Holding Bldat Trading & Contracting Co Ltd Bonyan Construction Contracting Co. CEPCO Contracting Dong Ah Saudi Arabia Co. Ltd. Al Saadeh Trading Establishment Drake & scull international PJSC El Seif Engineering Contracting Co. Fawaz Al Hokair Group Al Osos Al Khaleejiyah

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Who we are ?

Over the course of over 07 years, we, as a leading local and international recruitment company, have deciphered a variety of academic and personal abilities to satisfy the employment requirements of various IT and software manufacturing organizations. Their endorsements of our excellent recruitment services serve as proof of our skill and commitment in finding, identifying, and advancing academically talented applicants into their proper positions. The untimely expansion of job opportunities in the information technology sector has been caused by the enormous influx of overseas IT candidates seeking positions in Dubai.

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