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Leap Forth Technical Services LLC

Leap Forth Technical Services LLC, is a technical assistance provider widely trusted by various multinational companies which came into existence, as a solution provider of the rising technical demands that existed locally in the United Arab Emirates and neighbor countries. From a range of business verticals in technical services, electrical services, plumbing and flooring services, project management, professional training and quality analysis, QA/QC areas, and installation of HVAC systems, we are dedicated to provide quality standards in every project from designing, drafting, testing, installing to maintenance and repair works in order to provide all-in-one technical solutions to all our valued clients in UAE. We aim to fill the lack and gap of technical maintenance, repair and testing for UAE-based companies and offer services on the ad-hoc basis.

Additionally, we are licensed to the level of “Limited Liability Company” under the aegis of UAE-Government. We provide aesthetic, affordable, and a Top-notch quality in all blue-collar technical assistance such as informatics, electronic, automation, civil, architectural and mechanical support in various business sectors, especially construction and renovation work. Our principle focus and area of business interests include general maintenance, contracting and construction work of a building, facility management, technical project management and provision of specialized skilled manpower.

As being the fastest growing technical service provider in Dubai, our services include:
  • Sampling procedures
  • Analytical procedures, revisions and validations
  • Internal quality Control checks
  • Calibration checks
  • Safety analysis
  • Constructional support
  • Reporting
  • Internal performance and system audits
  • Assessment of quality, precision and accuracy
  • Internal quality audit.

Construction work

We offer complete range of civil/architectural/constructional support, testing of physical and mechanical properties of building materials and maintenance through our qualified and experienced management team and supportive technical crew, who withstand the challenges of the construction industry and able to quickly respond to urgent calls to identify and fix any problem as soon as problem.

Our responsibilities cover a wide range of mechanical, physical and chemical testing of concrete, rock, bricks, soil, aggregate, asphalt, cement, marbles, and other construction materials both field and laboratory to provide the best quality of testing services.

  • Studying and testing of structural and road construction materials.
  • Mixing the right amount of concrete material for specific work
  • Managing the quality and integrity of the construction projects.
  • Compliance of aggregate and cement to specifications.
  • Installation, setting up and maintenance of site laboratory based on projects.
  • Chemical analysis of reinforcement bar.
  • Laboratory and field characterization of soils and rocks.
  • Installation, monitoring and reporting of heat of hydration of mass concrete, using thermo couples.
  • Testing of existing structure, using non-destructive or destructive methods.
  • Mechanical testing of metals including reinforcement bars for Tensile, Bend and Re-bend.

Our Services

  • A/C Service
  • Electro Mechanical Work
  • Plumbing Work
  • Painting
  • Tile Work
  • Cladding Work
  • Masonry Work
  • Water tank cleaning
  • Carpentry & Flooring Contracting
  • Cleaning