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H.R. International is a Local/Overseas recruitment company that has had global aims since its inception in 2005. We developed a network that covers the entire world. This is the history of H.R. international’s recruitment victories and a record of the company's constant pursuit of being the world's No. 1 quality in terms of reputation, quality, and competency.

Business Goal

Our goal is pure and simple to set a monumental heritage in manpower industry by developing careers and developing businesses with the provision of the best available solution for both employers and employees.


H.R. International was founded in the year of 2005 Located at the commercial heart of India, New Delhi, and holds strength of 100+ expert recruiters and innovators who have extensive knowledge in global “recruitment” policies as well as “executive search” services. H.R. International is an ISO 9001:2015 (QMS,UAF) certified Local/Overseas recruitment agency holding recognition from Ministry of External Affairs Government of India under a registered license number B-0377/DEL/PER/1000+/5/8398/2009 and, in the course of 13 years, we have successfully deployed 35000 Indian candidates to 450+ overseas clients and shaped employee base of diverse business sectors since 2005 including healthcare, hospitality, FMCG, Facility Management, Automobile, Construction, Academic, Information Technology, Civil and Mechanical engineers and Oil and Gas Companies.

The company is headquartered in New Delhi and branch office in Mumbai, India, along with a series of trade test centre covering every major city of Indian nation Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Punjab, Kolkata, Orissa, Kashmir, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, etc, whereas, gorgeously achieved a global presence constituting several offices in MENA regions including Saudi Arabia, UAE, Jordan, Oman, Sudan, Kuwait, Yemen, Morocco, Qatar, Egypt, Tunisia, Lebanon, also in West-African countries of Nigeria and Ghana, and Uganda (East Africa) and in South-Asian countries of Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Pakistan. Our presence in South-East Asian countries include offices in Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, whereas we have extended our roots with offices in the far Eastern-European nation of Ukraine, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Russia, Malta, Armenia, and Poland.

Our major international establishments are as follows:

H.R. International Europe Sp.Zo.o (Poland) deals in overseas recruitment and education services, while H.R. International Employment Services Pvt. Ltd. (Nepal) solely deals in recruitment and executive search services, whereas H.R. International FZE (Dubai) is single-handedly managing all the Manpower, executive search, education, company set-up demands in GCC and Middle-East. All of them are sister establishments of the same organization H.R. International and are considered subsidiaries of H.R. Group of Companies, a dedicated business conglomerate that secured a pioneering position in diverse business sectors all across the world offering expertise in IT services, Software Solutions, Local/Overseas recruitment and headhunting services, Healthcare diagnostics services, CAD training and courses, Tours and travels packages, Technical services, Blue-collar training, testing and interview services, and Construction works in Real-estate business sector under the respected name of:

  • H.R. International Pvt. Ltd. for Local/Overseas recruitment services
  • H.R. Technical Trade Centre Pvt. Ltd. for Training, Testing and client-Interviews of blue-collar candidates.
  • H.R. CAD Centre for AutoCAD training and courses in engineering and architectural fields.
  • H.R. Diagnostics Pvt. Ltd. for healthcare checkups and health-consultation services.
  • H.R. Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. for Local/Overseas IT services and Training.
  • H.R. Tours and Travels to provide convenient national/international tourism packages, especially for Umrah & Hajj pilgrims.
  • H.R. Construction and Contracting deals in Real-estate business sector.

Out of all these companies, H.R. Technical Trade Centre Pvt. Ltd. is a crucial wing of H.R. Group of Companies, accredited by NSDC, PMKVY, CSDCI, BSDM, Manipal City & Guilds, UK and Quality Council of India-NABET. The company was designed in a way to serve as the training, testing and interview facility to certify blue-collar candidates as a professional for overseas job recruitments. They also provide personality development courses, mock tests, communication skills to confidently face client-interviews. The facility cover 6000Sq.Ft. area, and serves as an idol location for client-interviews for indoor and outdoor blue-collar profiles including heavy/light vehicle driver, heavy equipment operator, civil, mechanical, architectural, plumbing, electrician, etc.

Additional Accreditations from Saudi Arabia

Furthermore, we are one of the very few organizations out of hundreds to have held the accreditation and approval of Government organizations of Saudi Arabia for supplying reliable professionals in healthcare and education sectors for their hospitals and universities. To do so, they have examined our experiences, competencies and quality in supervising the recruitment cycle, managing legal formalities under a strict standard of immigration law, and found us worthy to be approved and certified by the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Higher Education of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This is a great privilege that is still enjoyed by very few out of hundreds of recruiters in other countries.

We also hold the position of being one of the few organizations directly approved by SACA (Saudi Arabia Cultural Attache, Government of Saudi Arabia), New Delhi, the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia and the Saudi Consulate in Mumbai for documents attestation, visa stamping process and recruitment in the Royal Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We are an authorized member of FICCI and ASSOCHAM, Chamber of Commerce, India.

Our team and reliable connections

Our dedicated team of headhunters has forged healthy connections with several recruitment agencies, partners, consulates/embassies, Government offices, Immigration lawyers, recruiters, and international talent pools. With a strength of 100+ employees in every department, we take full responsibility for all backend operations, legal formalities as well as all small, medium and large challenges of reviewing resumes, searching, sourcing, scheduling interviews, skill assessment, issuing call letters, document collection, attestation and stamping of personal/professional/academic documents and apostilles, visa processing, traveling support, and immigration process to make the transition easier for both clients and candidates. It simply means there is no third party intervention of mediators and opportunists.

One of the pillars of our success lies in the proprietary tools we’ve developed to source, assess, identify and deploy potential skills – online tools, social media, cloud-based system are some of the major contributions of latest technologies in our life that connect all our foreign recruiters, no matter where in the world they work or live. We have a vast network of human resource specialists who attract, cultivate and connect our global clients to the people they deem best to hire for the sake of their business productivity.

Some notable features of H.R. International

  • H.R. International was basically founded with a vision of creating a strong employee base for newly established businesses as well as developing existing ones with futuristic approach and dedication. But with the flow of time, we have moved beyond our limited resources and evolved on a global scale.
  • We have evolved as the most influential and prolonged organization with an unbeatable reputation, and developed a huge global network of associate offices, partners and agents to share our manpower wisdom throughout the world.
  • We hold a commendable position in the industry of manpower that would be impossible for many to hold and develop for as long as 13 years.
  • With our ability to quickly adapt to urgent requirements is what defines our responsive strength, and with a progressive approach in offering quality recruitment services, we are now dominating the hearts of millions of job seekers around the globe and hold the reputation of being the most trusted and efficient players in the industry.
  • Our candidate database is an ocean of millions of applicants and works as a founding principle of our executive search operations, as well as, job portals and social media tools gave us a competitive edge to move our talent search in a digital direction in order to gain a 360 degree holistic view of candidate’s transformational abilities.
  • Matching millions of jobs to millions of candidates is an exhaustive process, but our patience, knowledge and experience helps us to closely analyze the records and find out the best person as per the specific criteria suggested by the employer.
  • With hundreds of successful overseas placements of unskilled, semi-skilled and skilled professionals, we are now standing on the edge of becoming world leaders in providing customized manpower solutions in the industry.
  • The existence of such magical online tools in our life has emerged us as a terminus of manpower services.