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H.R. Diagnostics Pvt. Ltd., holds NABH accreditation and ISO 9001:2008 quality standards of being the most advanced network of comprehensive diagnostics testing facilities in the healthcare community of Delhi/NCR offering sample collection services of bodily fluids and tissues, testing and studying of diseases, clinical reporting as well as health consulting services. Its first preventive healthcare centre was introduced in the year 2016, at Jasola, New Delhi, to provide a laboratory test menu of risk factors, complications, and health diseases in an affordable and consistent way in the field of pathology, imaging, radiology, cardiology, clinical services and health consultancy including blood tests, ECG, MRI scans, CT scans, Ultrasound, X-ray scanning, dental checkups, BDM, etc.

It provides blood and laboratory health checkup services through high-end testing equipments, scientific instruments, testing experts to detect and manage chronic diseases such as type 1 and 2 diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, metabolic syndromes, blood pressure, liver disease, kidney issues, and smoking cessation diseases, etc. It also offers clinical healthcare consultancy and advisory services that reverse and prevent diseases; reporting solutions that enable physicians deeply understand the root cause of the disease before prescribing a treatment. We deliver sample collection and reporting services at your doorstep with no extra charges which includes samples of blood, urine, tissues, etc. Also provide health packages, corporate wellness packages, healthcare tips, and teleconsultation.

WE serve patients and healthcare providers through several pathology centers of H.R. Diagnostics Pvt. Ltd. smartly positioned in different locations of Delhi/NCR to enable patients easily reach our services in Okhla, Vaishali, Jasola, Central Delhi, Chittaranjan Park, Noida and Kaushambi as well as hold several collection units in different parts of the Delhi city to make patients avail our services in a Phone call.

We are proud to announce that our diagnostic services have grown rapidly among hundreds of people in terms of quality and comfort, also established a brand of choice for patients, doctors and hospitals while holding a respectable place in the healthcare market under the aegis of H.R. Group of Companies, a dedicated business conglomerate that secured a pioneering position in diverse business sectors all across the world offering expertise in IT services, Software Solutions, Local/Overseas recruitment and headhunting services, Healthcare diagnostics services, CAD training and courses, Tours and travels packages, Technical services, Blue-collar training, testing and interview services, and Construction works in Real-estate business sector.

We are living up our dream to emerge as one-stop solution to patients with multi-test prescription, for preventive health analysis, along with a panel of doctors, analysts and consultants to deliver preventive health checkup services for greater masses in servicing companies, corporate houses, Government agencies, insurance companies, hospitals, medical centre, families, individuals, etc. We served hundreds of associated hospitals and other path labs with 100% accuracy rate in all segments of Radiology, Pathology, Biopsy and Microbiology.

H.R. Diagnostics Pvt. Ltd., at the beginning of its journey, hired a strong and dedicated panel of healthcare geniuses, serving as a strongly aligned group of radiologists, cardiologists, and pathologists, holding immense knowledge, practical skills, academic credentials, along with a selfless devotion toward preservation of a longer, healthier and happier life is what gave a competitive edge in the industry.

H.R. Diagnostics Pvt. Ltd. is determined to deliver affordable path lab services for underprivileged masses of several Indian societies at prices that can be easily manageable and payable for everyone. To expand our healthcare services, we began offering discounted health checkup packages including whole body check up, Women health package, pregnant women package, senior citizen package, liver care package, Lung care Package, cardiac risk package, kidney care package, Bone care package, fever panel package, active men & women package, diabetes care package, thyroid care package, Arthritis package, etc.

Our primary objective is to reduce the chances of treatment failure by closely investigating the origins of your poor health conditions to clearly understand the category, source and progress of whatever disease you are suffering or suffered. Such thorough analysis is necessary to prescribe the most effective remedy or medication for the patients to battle the disease or any sort of harmful pathogens, virus, microbes, syndrome, parasite, etc.

Our Achievements & Accreditations:

  • H.R. Diagnostics Pvt. Ltd. has passed quality Standard of ISO 9001:2008 (QMS)
  • We also achieved quality compliance certificates issued by National Accreditation Board of Hospitals and Healthcare Providers (NABH), Quality Council of India for Patient Safety and Quality care in Healthcare industry.
  • Certified and awarded by CMC, Vellore for External Quality Assurance Scheme.