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There is a reason why construction companies in Gulf countries are experiencing a boom as well as high competitions in the market. Gulf countries are famous for its infrastructure and with every passing year, they are becoming more obsessed with the expansion of its global-ranking. India is also expanding its share of contributions toward the development of its own infrastructure as well as supporting the construction demands of several Middle-East countries. H.R. Contracting and Construction Pvt. Ltd is one of the best that fit the context and offered a huge range of services in developing the infrastructure of both India and GCC Countries.

The Company is an ISO 9001:2008 (QMS) Certified extension of H.R. group of Companies, having its head office in the capital city of New Delhi, India, and in the close proximity of International & Domestic Airport, holding its branches in various cities of India and abroad. It has a sprawling network of overseas clients, construction companies, located in both domestic and international cities of Riyadh - Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Kathmandu-Nepal, Doha-Qatar while holding Associate offices in Sri Lanka, UAE and all major cities of overseas destination markets. The company has delivered extensive services to its Indian clients in real estate industry as well as managed several housing projects in Saudi Arabia and maintained a prestigious reputation for seven consecutive years in the market of property dealings.

H.R Contracting & Constructions Pvt. Ltd. is a champion player in shaping a solid foundation, designing, maintaining and outlining the internal and external design of your edifice. It was established in the year 2010, with the intent to introduce innovative building techniques in the construction industry as per the global standards. The company is a successful venture, dealing in construction and contracting works throughout the world, which also previously concluded several real-estate projects in India and Gulf Nations under the Flagship of H.R. Group of Companies, dedicated business conglomerate that secured a pioneering position in diverse business sectors all across the world. We boast with a proud history of quality deliverance of services in a range of construction works supported by superior workmanship while offering meticulous attention to the details of building interiors. Serious emphasis has always laid on the niche creation by offering engineering solutions to optimize time and cost incurred in the planning, designing, executing of all residential/commercial, high-rise, hospitality, industrial, infrastructure and allied projects.

We are a sophisticated business organization and only believe in developing trendy construction ideas to design every section of your construction dreams including interiors, exteriors, piping, fitting, welding, fabricating, to provide a design that matches your organizational standards and ensures your building functions provide a soothing atmosphere as per your personal needs as well. Also, we provide best solutions for all your challenges of constructing a well-furnished, decorative and innovative design in every section of the building while installing water supplies, sanitary departments, electrical functions, ventilation systems, etc.

We are centrally-focused on the detailing of corners, flooring, and roofing and ensure that the experience of clients with our work is as pleasant as possible whether clients are first timer or someone from the long list of our satisfied clients.

H.R.C.C. helped clients to design, frame and build a solid structure, and is associated through a network of facilities vertically integrated with engineering solutions to optimize both time and cost incurred during the planning of a major project. Our company is currently sharing associative membership with several large-scale projects on Affordable Housing Programs using EPS Technology running in India as well as in Saudi Arabia.

We have committed, experienced and technically qualified Project Engineers, Project Managers, Planning & Architectural Engineers, and other Civil, Mechanical & Electrical Operational Staff Members who actively take up the challenge of constructing an innovative design within the estimated timeframe. While achieving an extra mile in this field, we have signed a JV and successfully executing the construction projects for a renowned and leading University, and Royal Commission Housing Projects in Saudi Arabia